Oct 20, 2020 7:00 PM
Kathryn Norton
West Gate Tunnel Project

West Gate Tunnel Project

The West Gate Tunnel Project is a $6.7 billion city-shaping project that will deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge, provide quicker and safer journeys, and remove thousands of trucks off residential streets.
As part of the project:
*West Gate Freeway will be widened and include express lanes between the M80 and the West Gate Bridge, reducing weaving and merging that leads to traffic congestion.
*A tunnel from the West Gate Freeway to the Maribyrnong River and the Port of Melbourne will take motorists and trucks underground and off residential streets, providing a more efficient freight route.
*A bridge over the Maribyrnong River, linking to an elevated road along Footscray Road will get people to where they need to go in the CBD north.
*State-of-the-art smart technology will be installed across the length of the project linking it to other freeway management systems across the city.
*Construction has started, and this presentation would include an overview of the project, and a project update.
this meeting will be attended by project engineers, Hilary van Herwaarden, Henry Graves and Chris McKenna as well as Kathryn Norton