May 04, 2021 7:00 PM
Richard Whitaker Via Zoom
Weather forecasting "From Gods to Gigabytes

“From Gods to Gigabytes – A Brief History of Weather Forecasting”
This tells the fascinating story of humanity’s love affair with the weather –
together with the strong desire to predict it.
Many different forecasting methods have been tried down the ages such
as using prayer and sacrifice to the Sky Gods, observing the behaviour of
plants and animals, looking at cloud patterns and in more recent times using
science, technology and mathematics as the main forecasting tools.
Modern weather prediction is one of the more recent scientific endeavours.
Mathematics, physics and chemistry can be traced back for centuries but
mathematical weather forecasting is barely 100 years old and has made
astonishing progress in such a short time.
We can now predict the weather far more accurately than ever before and the
story of how we reached this point has involved inspiration, communication
and calculation. It is one of the great philosophical and practical triumphs of
human achievement.