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Bolton Clarke
           Bolton Clarke
Our guest speaker at the zoom meeting  last Tuesday was Theresamarie Hanley from the nursing company Bolton Clarke which  provides independent living services through -home care, retirement living and residential aged care
She was introduced by our Norm Draper . Her address had exceptional interest for our Club because of our  important project each December of supplying Xmas bags to
the elderly in our local community. Last year we also had the support of  suppliers such as Bendigo Bank East Keilor, Sukin Organics, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, The Reject Shop, Jason Atkins Pharmacy, Pharmacy Alliance and Sigma Co Limited
We hope once again to distribute these   Bags at Christmas time with the assistance of  Bolton Clarke
Norm had asked Theresamarie to particularly speak to us about Bolton Clarke's recent activities and programs generally and about how it has been impacted by and handled the COVID-19 circumstances - including the respective impacts of the various lockdown stages we have faced.
Theresamarie   was very happy to be asked to speak to our club as her husband’s family has spent much of their lives working for Rotary in Reservoir and beyond.
Theresamaries background is that she has been in district nursing since 1991. She started in the Essendon area as a primary care nurse before spending 15 years as part of the palliative care team caring for dying clients at home.  She then worked at the Customer Service Centre taking clinical calls and managing an out of hours nursing team.  Two and half years ago she moved to Bolton Clarke’s West Hub and is now the Operations Manager of its Western Region.
Theresamarie is very proud to be working with the Bolton Clark nurses especially at the moment as they have shown such great resilience and flexibility during this pandemic.  This pandemic is not the first the nurses have faced.  Through Bolton Clarke’s forebears the Melbourne District Nursing Society established in the late 1880’s and the RSL, established in 1916, it had a heavy involvement in the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919 - and has followed that with another 100 years of providing nursing care and support to vulnerable people in Melbourne before our current COVID-19 pandemic struck.
From a single nurse walking the streets of Melbourne to our first veterans hostel in Brisbane the company’s tradition of care and history of service continues to inspire and guide their work. Their  long held values of compassion and respect remain at the heart of everything they do.  So Bolton Clarke offers a lot of services to support more people across home care, retirement living and residential aged around Australia thus enabling clients  to live their  best possible life.
Theresamarie’s presentation was very inspiring
Friends of  Rotary - Werribee Rotary
The Rotary Club of Werribee has developed this association for their Club over many years now and they have 50 Friends on their listIt uses the plan that if you want to be able to help on a specific Rotary project but don't have the time or financial capacity to become a full member, you can become  a Friend of Rotary.
As a Friend of Rotary, you are welcome to attend their meetings but there is no obligation. The Club  sends friends a copy of their weekly newsletter (The Bulletin) to keep you in touch with what's going on in the club and if you see an event or project that they are planning and you would like to contribute in some way, you can simply contact them.
Thus Werribee Rotary has this growing list of people registered as Friends of Rotary.  Their involvement increases the opportunity to do bigger and better things in the community. At the same time, it will give these friends a good insight about Rotary and the club may eventually lead to them considering becoming a member in the future.
So, if you want to get involved in great community projects, all you need to do is complete the Friends of Rotary form and we  get back to you as soon as possible
Colour your World
 A Promotion from our District 9800  Announcing of a new Area of Focus– ‘Supporting the Environment’
Environmental Sustainability as the new Area of Focus and  has the potential of transforming Rotary and some believe it is the equivalent of two other Rotary Milestones – End Polio and the introduction of Rotary membership to Women. It aligns with the current surge of interest, support and concern in the community. It is probably the biggest door that opens opportunities.
- Our DG Challenge:     
 The current lock down and on-going pandemic has sabotaged many activities. DG Philip Archer’s challenges the Environmental Sustainability Committee to come up with a safe activity to engage members while in lock down.
The Response:
‘Colour your World’ (in the current world of shades of grey)
  •  Members can grow plants that encourage insects, butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators while adding colour to our world. Members choose their seeds they want to plant
  • • Seeds can be ordered on line (or from your local nursery if ‘click & collect’ facility available). Members are encouraged to select seeds/seedlings that promote insects, butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators; and/or vegetables.
  • • Grow these plants in the front or back gardens, balconies, rooftops or pots.
  • • Members can be engaged by helping each other with tips, sharing information, posting their photos or videos at Zoom meetings.
• Gardening is well recognised for its positive impact on mental health and general well-being o it is a simple idea
o it is a tangible activity
o it does not involve leaving your home and is therefore safe
o it is an opportunity to engage members
o the message is clear – Colour your World so we can Colour our World
We believe Colour your World can work:
Colour your World is the first step in a broader strategy that the Committee will be supporting. The immediate focus is that this initiative that can be started straight away.
The call to action
  • • Engage your Club’s leadership team
  • • Nominate an Environmental Sustainability representative to manage the initiative and have them report to the club monthly (encourage them to be an ESRAG member which provides a large range of resources and ideas – cost is $US30pa)
In taking this up, your Club gets the chance to support this new Area of Focus.
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