Club President : David Whiting
Club Secretary: Ted Haydon
2020-2021– Rotary Office bearers
Rotary International President Holger Knaack, from R. Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany
District Governor – Philip Archer   R.C Southbank
Gateway West Cluster Assistant Governor Domenic Cichello  R.C  Wyndham Harbour
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Vale Keith Joslin
Vale Keith Joslin
Members of the Rotary Club of Keilor are saddened by the recent passing of our esteemed member and Past President Keith Joslin.
Keith joined our Rotary Club in 1978, awarded PHF sapphire, President 1983-84, awarded life membership of the club
A great friendly Rotarian who is sadly missed by all
Changeover Time
Changeover Time
Our Zoom meeting last week was the occasion for President Glenda to hand over the Presidency to David Whiting.
As happened the 23rd of June was  1 week earlier then the end of the Rotary year  The reason was that President Glenda is one of our multiple members who suffer from the epidemic of needing a hip replacement. This surgery has happened early this week and we trust that Glenda is making  a quick and successful recovery .
Our  Zoom meeting last Tuesday was our best meeting of this kind since the start . As the photo above shows , we had 22 members and 6 visitors. This included members of our Club who were making their first appearance on Zoom and we thank the members who hosted them at their home . We also had D.G Grant Hocking and wife Melissa , D.G elect Dale Hoy and D.G.nominee Amanda Wendt . and we had 2 visiting Gateway Rotaractors Richard Mason and Rob . It was full house.
President Glenda gave a detailed account of the achievements of the Club during her year and the report on the following page shows some of these. Then she handed over to incoming President David Whiting. David is a very experienced Rotarian and he still has a role at  District Administration . He outlined some of his aspirations for the coming year. These will include a change in the meeting format but of course we have to wait until we will be allowed to resume meeting face to face
And the District 9800 changeover has also happened yesterday
Projects Report 2019-2020
Projects Report
The following is a list of the many projects which the Club achieved during the leadership  of President Glenda Bryson
School Furniture for Timor Leste
Money was available for more containers, but no stock available yet.  Ongoing meetings with the Victorian Education Department is resulting in the creation of a uniformed approach by all Victorian schools when they are upgrading their furniture & equipment.  Rotary will be the first call.  Meeting with the Timor Leste Minister for Education was held late October.
New Railuli Primary School Building – Timor Leste
Building is complete and in use.  We may add water tanks later after a study on this is completed. Playground equipment was shipped in September.
Replacement Falowai Primary School Building – Timor Leste
Construction is progressing really well.  We are partners with RC Port Melbourne in a $5,000 district grant for the construction of toilet block.  Playground equipment was shipped in September.
Donations In Kind Inc – a couple of members are continuing to work on promotional material and a new website, which launches near the end of November.
Days-For-Girls kit shipment and distributions
Around 200 kits were shipped in September.  Meeting with the Timor Leste Minister for Education has been arranged for late November.
Consumables for the Balibo Clinic – were shipped in September.
Holloway Aged Care – We continue to supply incontinence pads & other consumables.
Sunshine Hospital Reissue Room
This project was a Finalist in the Premiers Sustainability Awards 2019.
New legal agreement has been issued for our consideration.
District-Environmental Sustainability Group
Keilor PS school bags & supplies - 80 packed bags & 5 boxes of supplies were despatched to Timor Leste in September / October.
Christmas Bags for distribution through Bolton Clarke Nurses – Our request to Reject Shop (one of our major donors, but which has undergone a change in executives) has been supported positively.  Aldi has responded in like manner, however when it came to crunch time, we were let down.  Individual members were able to purchase the goods needed from Aldi.  We have $1000 from Bendigo Bank Grant and approval has been given for up to $1000 additional (the component to be used will be dependent on donated goods/supplies).  Objective is to have just 1 bag pp (using 100 of the Rotary Shopping Bags).
Wycheproof 3-Year Old Kinder: we have supported this community over the past eight years and have recently supported their application to Victorian Government for financial support for Wycheproof’s 3-year old kinder operations.  No response has been received from Victorian Government as yet.
Good Citizens Awards.   5 local primary schools are currently advising which 2 of their Year 6 students will receive these awards, of a certificate and $100 each.  They will be presented to the schools in early December.
Projects Report presented 19 November 2019
Holloway Aged Care - Bus Shelter Project is ongoing.  We have recently found a "shelter in pieces" that we are working towards providing the facility with a ‘completed’ shelter.
 Year 11 to Year 12 Scholarships – we have been successful in obtaining another Grant for a Keilor Downs Secondary College student who will commence Year 11 in 2020 and complete Year 12 in 2021 and who’s family is financially challenged.  $500 from District and $500 from us will assist this student each year for the two years.
Hand Brake Turn is implementing a new, more advanced unit of instruction that will give their graduates a stronger entry into the labour market.  When pressed, HBT suggested that a grant of $2,500 would permit them to purchase new instructor’s books, new student books and new starting tools.  These purchases would greatly accelerate implementation of their new course.  Accordingly, a Community Grant application has been developed and is penultimate draft form.  Completion was expected by the end of November.
VU-Enactus Extruder Grant. At the initiative of David Dippie and with the support of Daniel Jaap, a grant application was in advanced draft form.  Completion of the draft was expected by the end of November.
R.Y.L.A. – we had endorsed 1 candidate and were sharing another candidate with Brunswick / Tullamarine.  Both candidates have withdrawn but later we found another candidate who succeeded in her application and she came to the Club to tell us the story of R.Y.L.A.
Share The Dignitiy - #itsinthebag We continue to support this annual program.  We have joined with Days For Girls and will be providing funds of $500 to fill the donated hand bags with relevant product.
Barefoot Bowls Bushfire Fundraiser           
On  28th of January  our Rotary Club in partnership  with the Rotary Club of Essendon  organised  a Barefoot Bowls Bushfire Fundraiser at the Aberfeldie Bowls Club     About 90 people attended this joint fundraiser, and  we jointly raised in excess of $3,000 on the night. The original  plan to combine two Clubs for this event . This proved to very appealing and the news was noticed by other neighboring Rotary Clubs which meant that we also greeted members of the Rotary Club of Keilor East and Essendon North to join us  . This turned out to be a pleasant reunion of Rotarians from other Clubs that we have known over the years  The initial numbers swelled to more than 90 which made  it was easy to recruit full teams to compete for the bowling
When deciding  which charity would be the recipient of funds , the two host clubs chose the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid  as the recipient of the funds, We also awaited external donations to be  tallied up. We thanked  all for attending & contributing.       Some of the score cards left a lot to be desired, but we did have an outright victorious team. Congratulations to Leon, Michael, Vic and David . Dinner was organised through Neal's Catering and we were well fed for the night. Highly recommended. 
Sincere thanks  also  to the Aberfeldie Bowls Club for the use of their  facilities, equipment and providing players who knew what they were doing. Also many thanks to Fong Loong of Coffex Coffee, Andrew Peace Wines, Ryman Healthcare and Maurice Mollica, who provided many of the raffle items
Bolton  Clarke Xmas Bags                    Last Christmas  has seen the fifteenth  year in which our Rotary Club of Keilor has supported the local Royal District Nursing Service now known as Bolton Clarke in bringing some festive cheer to that service’s most housebound, restricted and isolated clients.

The project involved the provision of 100 Shopping bags into which we had packed Christmas goodies including Christmas cake/plum puddings, small food items, personal hygiene, grooming and household products.
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