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President's Message
David Whiting
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Last week's Quiz
Last week’s meeting             
took a different model thanks for our Cameron Horder (Photo) who presented us with a quiz containing 20 questions and put us on the spot to test if we knew the answers.    The answers are shown in the last column on the right
  1. Name 7 one-word nameThe d countries whose spelling ends in the letter Y
  2. Released In late 2015, which multi-Oscar winning movie has a title that means "A person that has returned"?
  3. Which two sauces are part of the  of that  ingredients of a Bloody Mary?
  4. What is the nick name of the New Zealand men's basketball team?
  5. The musical Rock of Ages is based on music from which decade?
  6. If Rd is for road and St is for street what do the following designations stand for?
  7. Who wrote Jurassic Park?
  8. Who is currently in the Australian Top 40 charts with a song titled Juice?
  9. who was the King of Persia from 486 to 465 BC?
  10. What is the World's most Southerly capital
  11. Name the five European countries that have French as an official language. (1 pt each).
  12. The words COSY APPEAL are an anagram of which one word?
  13. Linseed oil is made from which plant?
  14. Within the NRL and AFL, which are the only two team names that do not end in the letter "S"! ( 1 pt each)
  15. What is the more common name for the Harvestman spider?
  16. Along with Dopey, name the other 6 Dwarfs! (1 pt each)
  17. What is the Spanish word for 'navy'?
  18. Which Australian band had a hit in 1981 with Bustin' Loose?
  19. Which river flows through Washington DC?
  20. In the movie Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga, which country do the characters played by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams represent?                             As this was a new format most felt a little unpreprepared for this process          
  21. The correct answers were
    1.         Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Paraguay,        Uruguay, Turkey
    2.         The Revenant
    3.         Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce
    4.         The Tall Blacks
    5.         1980's
    6.         Circuit, Glade, Loop, Strand
    7.         Michael Crichton
    8.         Uzzo
    9.         King Xerxes
    10.       Wellington
    11.       France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco
    12.       Apocalypse
    13.       Flax
    14.       Melbourne Storm, Port Adelaide Power
    15.       A Daddy Long Legs
    16.       Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc
    17.       Armada
    18.       Moving Pictures
    19.       The Potomac
    20.       Iceland
    And the good performers were as follows
    Jeanette Lynch with a score of 24/60
    Closely followed by Tom Barber with 19/60
    We are planning to repeat the experience in a few weeks so we can improve on our performance 
    Many thanks Cameron for organizing this – We are much wiser since reading the answers. We are trained to do it again and perhaps perform a little better
Uncertain times call for innovation
This article refers to the Rotary Club of New Albany Ohio U.S.A.. Rotary members of that Club are shown loading  boxes of assembled face shields for Form5 Prosthetics. With the help of this Rotary Club, the company has produced more than 5,000 face shields for health workers.
Wash your hands. Wear face masks. Self-quarantine. COVID-19. Pandemic. Whoever thought these phrases or words would become part of our everyday life!
As a Rotarian, I know we are “problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change.” When our District 6690 leaders communicated an opportunity to use a district grant in response to the global COVID-19 crisis, I knew we needed to jump in. But how?  What impact could we make in our community using a district grant?
The Rotary Club of New Albany, Ohio, proceeded to submit a grant proposal to purchase a 3-D printer for Form5 Prosthetics to increase their production of the re-usable face shields for first responders and medical professionals. Form5 Prosthetics is no ordinary non-profit organization.  The young CEO and innovator, Aaron Westbrook, was a newly inducted Rotarian with big ideas and a big heart. Form5 is also near and dear to the hearts of our community.
In true Rotary fashion as People of Action, our club rallied to not only respond to the pandemic but to also support one of our own. I’ll let Aaron tell the rest of the story:
Form5 Prosthetics has a goal of making 10,000 face shields for health care workers.
Although I have only been a Rotarian for about four months, I feel like I have been a Rotarian my entire life. I have always had the heart to serve others and to give to my community. I was inducted roughly two weeks before COVID-19. I made it one of my goals for 2020 to serve my community in a new way, beyond my work at Form5 Prosthetics. I believe that Rotary is the way to connect those with voices in your community – “the do-gooders” — and together make a collective impact, especially in a time of need. And that’s exactly what Rotary has proven to be for me.
That collective impact is something that inspires me to get up in the morning and drives me late into the night working. It is what has made all the impossible things in my life possible. As following executive orders, health guidelines, and stay-at-home orders became our normal, our team at Form5 could not help but follow the innovation happening overseas by makers and engineers stepping up to provide PPE in a dire shortage. In just four days, our board and committee members designed and 3-D printed a re-usable face shield to protect the eyes and airways of those on the front lines of the pandemic.
Three months later, we have now produced 5,000 face shields with a goal of 10,000 to donate to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We pivoted our work to print our face shield design – leveraging our creativity, passion, and idle printers due to not being able to work with recipients. This expansion of our impact could not have been possible without community organizations like The Columbus Foundation and The Rotary Club of New Albany, Ohio, and others that funded our production of face shields – providing additional 3D printers, materials, supplies, etc.
The health and safety of our team, recipients, and volunteers remain at the forefront of our work going forward and we have been mindful of the service of our Rotarians in our face shield production.
We were happy to begin pick-up and drop-offs of supplies in June – allowing Rotarians to assemble shields and bring back to Form5 to sterilize and distribute to those on the front lines.
The Rotary Vision is more than just a statement – it is who we are! “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”
Some relief from the current stress
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ClubRunner Mobile
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