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New Website
New Website
President Glenda Bryson, mentioned at our Zoom meeting last Tuesday that we have launched our Website under the approved Club Runner format. This format enables clubs to easily link in with Rotary International and District 9800 sites to exchange membership information.
Glenda would like every member to access the site to familiarise themselves with the way around the site. In the next few week we will be requesting members fill in some details into the site. Glenda will provide more information at next weeks Club Meeting on Zoom
The site is located at
Hand Brake Turn Cars
Handbrake Turn
Our Rotary Club has been a proud supporter of Hand Brake Turn for the past seven years. It is an organisation located in Braybrook, that helps turn around the lives of disadvantage youth and provides hands on training in automotive skills.
Recently through the good work of David Whiting and Cameron Horder we have been able to donate two vehicles to HBT for use by their students. Cameron had been able to deliver the two vehicles to Braybrook using his flatbed truck. Thanks Cameron.
President Glenda advised that she may soon have another vehicle to be donated to HBT.
During the Covid19 the face to face training has been closed causing fear that the training may not recommence due to funding difficulties. Fortunately, the Victorian Government has provided funding to enable the training courses to continue until at least the end of June.
Face to face training recommenced this week at the Dandenong site and next week at Braybrook site.
Please see the Hand Brake site on Facebook
Whycheproof Coping with COVID-19
How is Wycheproof coping with Covid 19
  This important topic was informed to us by  Ann Durie (pictured on left)  a resident of Wycheproof who has been a long standing friend of our Club
She joined us on Zoom and gave us this interesting  following information
Interestingly there are no covid 19 cases in this town or the whole of the Buloke Shire    
This is probably due to the fact that  many residents able to work from home. The Hospital is in  lockdown , and does not allow  visitors
Farming which is the main activity of Wycheproof is going along as normal  but farmers miss the pub and the ability  to chat to other farmers. There have been better rains this year so we are hoping for a good harvest year.
What about the businesses.  Some have remained open as are essential services like bulk fuel , hardware , chemist , supermarket , post office etc.      As mentioned pubs are suffering but they are doing meals for takeaway. The Bakery has closed but may open in  June . The Bakery relies on passing  trade . An important goal is to keep staff safe .    Baking is done fortnightly for locals .
Social distancing has been the norm . This involves  limiting  of customers in shops.
Initially people came from out of town came to raid supermarket for toilet paper etc .Then  buses were stopped from entering the town  and  stock was hidden to ensure supply for the  locals   . Police presence is evident -They can be seen  driving around all streets
Sport certainly plays a huge part of country life Many are missing the weekly matches  and Businesses miss out on flow on that this brings. There is also an online yoga for those interested and there is a service to provide books etc to elderly . As the hours are reduced they fill the gap by connecting on the internet.

The school is providing excellent services to students and they also provide catering for children of the essential workers .
The Men’s Shed and op shop are closed now except that the  Men’s shed opened last Friday selling kindling
The  Nursery opened up again to assist the  many who are doing gardening in spare time .
There is also a  Resource centre which  helps the many who can’t get out of their house . They also provide flyers to help people understand what is happening.
Our link with Wycheproof
We recall how our Rotary Club of Keilor has for many years provided support to the community in Wycheproof, Wycheprproof is a small regional locality in the centre of the Shire of Buloke, in North Western Victoria. It has a population of   600 people       The name Wycheproof originates from an aboriginal word meaning 'grass on a hill', referring to Mount Wycheproof just off the Calder Highway, which is the smallest registered mountain in the world standing at 148 metres. The economy of Wycheproof is driven mainly by wheat but the prolonged drought had brought many challenges to this community. A few years ago our  P.P.David Bourke came up with a fabulous idea to bring the students and teachers from Wycheproof P-12 College to Melbourne for an overnight camp and visit to Healesville Sanctuary. Significant funds have been raised to achieve this and support from ten Rotary Clubs, local business and community leaders gave one hundred and twenty children a life enriching experience.
Reshaping Rotary

Reshaping Rotary
  Message from District 9800 Head Office
It is a very exciting time to be a Rotarian in our part of the world. With the celebration of 100 years of Rotary and the Melbourne International Convention in 2023 we have a once in a generation opportunity to showcase our impact as people of action.
Whilst we celebrate our longevity and success as a service organisation, we need to also ensure we are well placed to be relevant, compelling and impactful into the next 100 years.
Rotary is great in many ways, and we must keep doing the things that make us who we are – our values, our vision, our passion for helping others.
However we cannot ignore the data:
  • For many years we have seen a year on year decline in membership across our region, and a rising age profile – 24% drop in membership in the last 10 years, the average age in our clubs is over 60.  Of the 50% of ages reported in My Rotary, 37.3% are over 60.
  • We lose the majority of members who leave within their first 3 years of joining, so we are not engaging them well or not meeting expectations.  In many cases we are not reflecting the make up of our communities and we have some difficulty attracting younger members.  We hear that cost and time are barriers to joining.
  • Many clubs struggle to get members to take on leadership roles, often because these are seen as too onerous.
  • Global and local research has shown that the Rotary brand is highly respected but not very visible. We do not have a single Rotary voice in our region that not only identifies us but also enables others to easily connect.
  • We have few national partners or sponsors.
We want your help on how best to capitalise on these opportunities and take us into the next 100 years.
>> What we are aiming to do
The District Governors of 2018-19 petitioned the RI Board to develop a proposed pilot structure for Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.
The purpose:
To develop a possible structure for our region that will help us be relevant for our members, contemporary, and flexible.  We want a structure that will support Rotary clubs for service and growth, and enable us to take a coordinated and efficient regional approach to strategy, leadership, learning and development, public image, and local Rotary entities and programs.  We want it to help support change while retaining the best of the existing.  And we must also recognise our different cultures – we are 14 countries.
The scope:
To develop a pilot regional structure to support clubs – RI is out of scope, individual club structures are out of scope.  In other words – what sort of regional structure will best serve our clubs? 
A representative Planning Group and five Working Groups have been developing objectives to describe what we want to achieve/deliver from a regional structure. We do not yet have a defined structure.
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