Oct 18, 2022 7:00 PM
Hunter Leonard Via Zoom
What do good marketing and cooking have in common

Get Your Marketing Cooking Business: A Recipe, Ingredients, A Process: Hunter Leonard

'What do good marketing and cooking have in common? More than you might realise. They both need a recipe, ingredients and a process. How do you get more customers? It’s the number one challenge for business owners, with 41% saying they don’t have the answer. The answers to these questions and many more await you in this new book from one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded marketers.

Hunter's previous book was The Experience Equation  where he 'shares information and some inspiring case studies of mature people who’ve overcome ageism to create a future where their experience will be valued. Hunter is a multi award winning marketer and best selling author of seven books. 

He is helping one mature Aussie at a time, on a mission to help end ageism.'