This was the the subject of discussion at our last Rotary Zoom Meeting .
Which was led by  President David Whiting, who reported on the outcome of the recent Board meeting. Which led to the following plan
Until Xmas
Till then we expect to be locked down
Our club meetings will continue to be held on Tuesday evenings on Zoom  and we  will encourage visitors to join us
We  are also developing a flyer to promote our Club. David Dippie is designing this flyer and Cameron has offered to do the delivery
Overall we will target 1200 homes, Each delivery will include 150 flyers
The flyer will  advertise Rotary and the  Guest Speakers at  our club meetings.
People  wishing to attend will be able  respond via the “Contact Tab” on the club website and could use “Try Booking.
In future, either method will capture the person’s email address as we send out the link to our zoom meeting.
We recognize that letter dropping is hard work but  we hope to get at least. 1-2 responses per 100 letters
We need to focus our recruiting to the region West of Keilor .because the Eastern region is already well represented by other  Rotary Clubs.
We are also updating our promotion on Facebook and the promotion will emphasise the good work that Rotary does
We will target local businesses and previous members of our Club, we will promote our good projects such as Handbrake Turn
Another drawcard will the promotion of our guest speakers.  These Guest Speakers will be advertised on Facebook and on the club website.
Our Board also plans to develop an elevator statement to present to people when talking about Rotary.
This  statement aims to have about 90 words which can be delivered in about one minute
After Xmas
Covid has forced us  to meet on Zoom only but after Xmas Face to face meetings will hopefully resume.
When we will resume these face to face meetings,  the Meeting time start will remain 7pm in lieu of 6.30pm.
And the pattern will be in the following sequence.
1st week -Zoom meeting,
 2nd week -Physical meeting,                                
 3rd week  -Zoom meeting,                                   
4th meeting - Physical meeting,  the fourth meeting can be a social activity.                                                
Zoom meetings will effectively reduce the cost of meetings for members.
The previous cost of attending our Club taking into account the meal, the raffle and buying a drink could have amounted to $30 per week                                          
Now we will try to reduce the cost hopefully to $60 per month which is significant.
The Meeting venue will be chosen a month in advance.
Meals served at the physical meetings will be at 7.15pm.
In the  Months which have five Tuesday’s such as March and June 2021 The meeting can use the format of  a Rotary Means Business meeting.