A Promotion from our District 9800  Announcing of a new Area of Focus– ‘Supporting the Environment’
Environmental Sustainability as the new Area of Focus and  has the potential of transforming Rotary and some believe it is the equivalent of two other Rotary Milestones – End Polio and the introduction of Rotary membership to Women. It aligns with the current surge of interest, support and concern in the community. It is probably the biggest door that opens opportunities.
- Our DG Challenge:     
 The current lock down and on-going pandemic has sabotaged many activities. DG Philip Archer’s challenges the Environmental Sustainability Committee to come up with a safe activity to engage members while in lock down.
The Response:
‘Colour your World’ (in the current world of shades of grey)
  •  Members can grow plants that encourage insects, butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators while adding colour to our world. Members choose their seeds they want to plant
  • • Seeds can be ordered on line (or from your local nursery if ‘click & collect’ facility available). Members are encouraged to select seeds/seedlings that promote insects, butterflies, birds, bees and other pollinators; and/or vegetables.
  • • Grow these plants in the front or back gardens, balconies, rooftops or pots.
  • • Members can be engaged by helping each other with tips, sharing information, posting their photos or videos at Zoom meetings.
• Gardening is well recognised for its positive impact on mental health and general well-being o it is a simple idea
o it is a tangible activity
o it does not involve leaving your home and is therefore safe
o it is an opportunity to engage members
o the message is clear – Colour your World so we can Colour our World
We believe Colour your World can work:
Colour your World is the first step in a broader strategy that the Committee will be supporting. The immediate focus is that this initiative that can be started straight away.
The call to action
  • • Engage your Club’s leadership team
  • • Nominate an Environmental Sustainability representative to manage the initiative and have them report to the club monthly (encourage them to be an ESRAG member which provides a large range of resources and ideas – cost is $US30pa)
In taking this up, your Club gets the chance to support this new Area of Focus.