In this difficult phase of life in Melbourne our John Dean gave us the following personal report
“How Karen and I have coped with having the Corona virus surrounding us. We have not had any signs of having the virus and have endeavoured to follow the Government guidelines whenever possible.
Our life has been basically the same other than it has limited our Social activities and certainly my involvement with Rotary.
During the First Quarter of this year for instance I had involvement in each of our monthly Bunnings BBQ’s, the picking up of tables and chairs from Monmia Primary School, the Keilor Gift, Holloway Bus Shelter and the pick-up of chairs and tables from PEGS.
From mid-March this involvement ceased because of restrictions that were brought in which proved to be a blessing in disguise for Karen and I as it has allowed us to put all our energy into clearing out Karen’s mothers’ house which has recently been sold. Selling the house under “Virus” conditions was an interesting exercise due to the many stringent conditions put on Real Estate Agents, e.g. limiting the number of people allowed to attend Open Days and Auctions and the strict sanitising rules that now apply.
Trying to find charities that were willing to come and pick up goods was also a challenge. Luckily, Helping Hands, although their shop is currently closed were happy to come and pick up goods providing all goods were put outside the house and in the open.
At one stage I thought we were going to be left with a lounge suit as it wouldn’t go through any doors. Whilst taking a five minute break, Karen all of a sudden remembered that when the lounge was delivered 20 years ago that the same problem presented itself and was resolved by it being put through a window and thankfully, what came in, did go out the same way, with difficulty. Roll on 7 August settlement. What are we going to do with our time then?    “