This is a special request for members to donate to the Rotary Foundation before 30 June.
During this Pandemic the weekly cost of attending Rotary has decreased. We haved saved on petrol and buying a meal at the Hotel
Is it possible to transfer this saving to the worthy charity of the Rotary Foundation Understandably Foundation giving this year is well down on previous years. Consequently , we won’t be able to fund as many grants in 2022-23 as we have done in recent years. Hence it would be much appreciated if you could do as much as possible to encourage members to donate to the Foundation before the end of this Rotary year.
Most Australians give to at least three charities each year. We are asking all Rotarians to consider making regular contributions to our charity as part of their regular giving. Contributions to TRF are tax deductible.
There are several ways you can support the Rotary Foundation:
▪ Every Rotarian Every Year – Donate any amount per year
▪ Centurion Program - $100 per year or $25 per quarter
To make an online donation, simply click on this link: