Handbrake Turn
Our Rotary Club has been a proud supporter of Hand Brake Turn for the past seven years. It is an organisation located in Braybrook, that helps turn around the lives of disadvantage youth and provides hands on training in automotive skills.
Recently through the good work of David Whiting and Cameron Horder we have been able to donate two vehicles to HBT for use by their students. Cameron had been able to deliver the two vehicles to Braybrook using his flatbed truck. Thanks Cameron.
President Glenda advised that she may soon have another vehicle to be donated to HBT.
During the Covid19 the face to face training has been closed causing fear that the training may not recommence due to funding difficulties. Fortunately, the Victorian Government has provided funding to enable the training courses to continue until at least the end of June.
Face to face training recommenced this week at the Dandenong site and next week at Braybrook site.
Please see the Hand Brake site on Facebook