Homelessness is a hidden issue in Australian communities. 
The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 116,000 people were homeless on the night of the 2016 census.  This includes men, women and children sleeping rough outdoors, sleeping in a tent or a car, couch surfing, or living in overcrowded, temporary , unsafe or unaffordable shelters.
The leading causes of homelessness are:
*An acute shortage of affordable and social housing
*Domestic and family violence
*Mental health issues
*Drug and alcohol problems
*Unemployment, underemployment and inadequate level of Centrelink payments to the unemployed
*Lack of skills and education
*Declining health, particularly in older people.
*A history of institutionalisation


Is this something we could help with?
Would you or our Club like to learn more about local community needs and solutions?
Find out more by contacting our Rotary Homelessness Support Group. at email  homelessness@rotarydistrict9800.org.au
We will then connect you with Rotarians working to find safe shelter for all Australians.