This may come as a shock, but I miss your company.  I need to be able to focus on something positive that will happen when we reach Covid Normal, whatever that is.  I think it will be in a park.  I can smell the snags the David B is cooking.  Jennette is trying to catch up for a challenging year and we will never be able to eat all of the cakes, but before I start, I need to sample one of Marie’s special delights.  Am I going to have a beer with Kevin before a glass of white with Liz, I am definitely going to do both?
Before consuming I want to do something special.  I want to dig a hole and symbolically bury bloody Covid19 and I want to plant something that is growing to and flourish.  Something that will remind us that with the support of good friends we can get through the bleakest times.
Please give me five minutes on my own to reflect on the passed sadness and get a little misty, before we begin the rest of our lives.  Give me this to look forward to and when times are tough, I can focus on the serious issue of a beer or wine first.
David D