Last week’s meeting             
took a different model thanks for our Cameron Horder (Photo) who presented us with a quiz containing 20 questions and put us on the spot to test if we knew the answers.    The answers are shown in the last column on the right
  1. Name 7 one-word nameThe d countries whose spelling ends in the letter Y
  2. Released In late 2015, which multi-Oscar winning movie has a title that means "A person that has returned"?
  3. Which two sauces are part of the  of that  ingredients of a Bloody Mary?
  4. What is the nick name of the New Zealand men's basketball team?
  5. The musical Rock of Ages is based on music from which decade?
  6. If Rd is for road and St is for street what do the following designations stand for?
  7. Who wrote Jurassic Park?
  8. Who is currently in the Australian Top 40 charts with a song titled Juice?
  9. who was the King of Persia from 486 to 465 BC?
  10. What is the World's most Southerly capital
  11. Name the five European countries that have French as an official language. (1 pt each).
  12. The words COSY APPEAL are an anagram of which one word?
  13. Linseed oil is made from which plant?
  14. Within the NRL and AFL, which are the only two team names that do not end in the letter "S"! ( 1 pt each)
  15. What is the more common name for the Harvestman spider?
  16. Along with Dopey, name the other 6 Dwarfs! (1 pt each)
  17. What is the Spanish word for 'navy'?
  18. Which Australian band had a hit in 1981 with Bustin' Loose?
  19. Which river flows through Washington DC?
  20. In the movie Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga, which country do the characters played by Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams represent?                             As this was a new format most felt a little unpreprepared for this process          
  21. The correct answers were
    1.         Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Paraguay,        Uruguay, Turkey
    2.         The Revenant
    3.         Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce
    4.         The Tall Blacks
    5.         1980's
    6.         Circuit, Glade, Loop, Strand
    7.         Michael Crichton
    8.         Uzzo
    9.         King Xerxes
    10.       Wellington
    11.       France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco
    12.       Apocalypse
    13.       Flax
    14.       Melbourne Storm, Port Adelaide Power
    15.       A Daddy Long Legs
    16.       Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc
    17.       Armada
    18.       Moving Pictures
    19.       The Potomac
    20.       Iceland
    And the good performers were as follows
    Jeanette Lynch with a score of 24/60
    Closely followed by Tom Barber with 19/60
    We are planning to repeat the experience in a few weeks so we can improve on our performance 
    Many thanks Cameron for organizing this – We are much wiser since reading the answers. We are trained to do it again and perhaps perform a little better