At our last meeting President David Whiting led a discussion about starting a Club recruitment program . This was followed by our Glenda Bryson displaying a powerpoint presentation about the Rotary Club of Adelaide which recently had a successful program of finding new recruits. The following photos are taken from this powerpoint presentation   Five years ago the Rotary Club of Adelaide faced the brutal fact that in the previous 15 years it had seen a gradual decline of 30% in its membership, which was rapidly aging and seriously lacking in diversity.
Incoming President at the time and now Past District Governor David Egan, together with his team, which included subsequent Presidents, initiated a strategic approach for revival and renewal that focused on retaining long serving older members whilst embracing change. Five years on the club, which is the 2nd biggest in Australia and New Zealand, has a vibrant, growing and much more diverse membership base. As shown in the photo below there was a predominance of senior members

And there was an uneven Gender Balance
So the plan was to encourage the recruiting of more female  members
It was also time to reinvent ourselves and the following was our yearly plan
After 5 years of the campaign These were the satisfying results
Note the increase in each of the 5 categories Now we are more diverse
We have embedded a Fellowship and Speaker program
The  Strategic Action Plan covered 5 years

                 In Summary

If we are not sure why our club is shrinking, ask these questions:
1. Is my club's meeting time, format, and location convenient for members with families or young professionals still building their careers?
2. How well does my club reflect the age, gender, and professional diversity of my community?
3. Whose interests are reflected in my club's programs?
4. Do ceremonial activities take time away from speakers, club business, project planning, and networking?
5. Does my club have a plan in place to contact guests after they visit?