Handbrake Turn - Rotary Driver Youth Awarness
Our ongoing interest in this project is particularly relevant in this month May which is the month when Rotary focusses on Youth Service                         This includes a project called  Rotary Youth Driver Awareness – RYDA  
RYDA is a community road safety initiative delivering practical road safety information targeting attitude and awareness of young drivers and passengers. The program is facilitated in partnership with Rotary, presented by professionals and supported by corporate sponsors. The Program about road safety is directed towards our young people as as they approach the period in their life when they start driving a car and ride as a passenger in a car driven by one of their peers. In Tasmania it is presented to students in grade 10.
The program focuses on attitude and awareness with the aim of making the students better people on the road. Presenters include Road Safety experts, driving instructors, Police , recovering survivors of road crashes and drug and alcohol educators.