Sharing Plants  
 This program is promoted by our P.P.Mary Engert . She says that now that everyone is home and she assumes  you are all working on your house and gardens, Mary and  President Glenda has come up with a great idea and it goes like this.
All those extra herbs, Vegies, flowers and fruit  that you may have in your gardens or anything else in your house you think someone might like you can list it in our bulletin with your name against it, and if someone wants it they can ring you. Once they make contact with you it can be left at the front door so no contact is needed. For example she has oregano, chilli and bay leaves she could give to a few people and  when her lemons are ripe Mary  will let everyone know to come and collect them. No one really understands your triumphs and hardships like a fellow gardener. If your close family and friends don’t share your gardening enthusiasm, it’s unlikely they’ll change. There are just some people that get animated when discussing the garden and, unfortunately, some that don’t. That’s not your fault.