Special General Meeting          
We had the Special General Meeting of our Rotary Club of Keilor held via Zoom  on the 21st July, Fourteen members were in attendance, which was  above the required quorum of nine members
The Proposed Constitution and Rules were passed with minor amendments to include the club name and club locality.
The Proposed Rotary Club of Keilor Bylaws were passed after several amendments, namely
  1. The removal of the two types of membership, Associate and Family membership and the rewording of Clause 2.2 to reflect the removal of the Associate and Family memberships
  2. Insertion of the numbers of members of the Board of management of the club to read the Board consisting of nine directors and three other directors (when applicable)
The Secretary will now lodge the updated Keilor Rotary Club Constitution and Rules with consumer Affairs Victoria.
Note that Corporate Membership remains an important option for recruiting new members to our Club